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Needle felted Carue!






My niece is into crafting now that she is 21 and has time away from work and school more now then ever! So She asked a few questions to me about things and I decided after I told her and showed her a few things I should do the same here. I am SURE I have posted this before but just in case I didn’t I re took the pictures and decided to re post.

This is how I organize threads while I work on a piece. I use index cards and  hole punch holes in it, list the colour, and the icon for the pattern to make it easy to check. And then I have handy dandy thread sorter. This is best for when I am looking to hold onto half threads. I do not park on large projects like this too hard to keep track of everything. lol.

But here is my solution. I always list the pattern name and what page number it is so I know where they are in my boxes. The lower the page numbers the earlier the colours as I list them numerically.

Anyways works for me.

Freaking amazing. I now need to do this once I get a hole punch :)

Thank you I am glad that others might get some use out of this. I hope it works well for you!


why did I not think of putting the symbols with the color number?… that is brills.  

I really need to start doing something like this. 

Finally finished (maybe). For my mom, hence the name.

DMC 814, 3807, 791,434, 3746, 783, 436, 781, 111, and Cosmo 307 and 1000.


I really love stem stitch. 

So, um, pretty much just because I need more One Piece stuff in my life because it’s taken over my soul. 

DMC 434, 781, 321, and 310, and Cosmo 1000 on wool roving. 

As promised, some better and more detailed pictures. DMC 434 and 436 and Cosmo 8049.

Decided to try needle felting.

Best. Decision. Ever. 

Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been absent, I moved and transferred in the fall and I was really busy all semester (yay, crew head and studying for finals at the same time, LOL), so I didn’t have much time to work on my own stuff. Thankfully I’m on vacation now. Here’s something I managed to finish. I’ll post more details and pictures later when I get my hands on my good camera. 

A work in progress.